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The health industry is cluttered with charlatans out to make money with a quick fix usually in the form of a powder or a pill. It is my aim to add real value to this industry by educating my clients on a nutrition plan that works for them.
The main force behind SJ Nutrition is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, accountability, or disease prevention, each client is individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives.

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  • Just finished up my first 3 months with SJ Nutrion and HIGHLY recommend Siobhans services! Over the last 3 months she has taught me how to understand nutrition whilst still enjoying a balanced lifestyle. She has helped me to understand different food groups and what the benefits of each are.She also didn't make me feel like I had to restrict myself in any way and let me make the choices! I have lost over a stone and I'm delighted . Thank you!



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